Steel Rule Die Process (no longer offered)

Steel Rule Die cutting pioneered Arin Incorporated for the first 50 years.   At one time our press room consisted of ten presses specially engineered to run steel rule dies.  Steel Rule dies were used for prototype, new part development, and production runs.  With the changing times and requirements Arin Inc moved towards the future in 2003 and invested in our first Trumpf 4030 CO2 Laser.  As more work was being pushed towards laser cutting, mainly due to quality parts, no burrs, and exceptional turnaround, Arin invested in a second Laser in 2008.  Now in 2017 Arin Inc operates 4 state-of-the-art Trumpf Lasers, and has transitioned out of Steel Rule Die Stamping.


Any manufacturer that is concerned about quality and cost should consider Arin Incorporated Laser Cutting Process. When you compare that to “hard” tooling, the savings in time and cost are enormous. Arin’s Laser Cutting is a low cost, high quality method to produce sheet metal blanks.  The short lead-time and part reliability, make it a natural choice for the stamping plant, tooling manufacturers, automotive companies or anyone that processes flat blanks as part of their process.